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domenica 2 marzo 2008

pretty women....

Pretty women
Sipping coffee,
Dancing... pretty women
Pretty women
Are a wonder.
Pretty women!

Sitting in the window or
Standing on the stair
Something in them cheers the air.

Pretty women
Stay within you,
Glancing... stay forever,
Breathing lightly...
Pretty women,
Pretty women!

Blowing out their candles or
Combing out their hair,
Even when they leave
They still are there.
They're there

Ah! Pretty women, at their mirrors,
In their gardens,
How they make a man sing!

Proof of heaven as you're living,
Pretty women! Yes, pretty women!
Here's to pretty women,
Pretty women,
Pretty women,
Pretty women

4 commenti:

sand ha detto...

Pretty song to remember our pretty date, lovely..

MagodiOz ha detto...

yes, my pretty woman ;D

Roberto ha detto...

mi sembra di rovinare un idillio incantato solo ad aggiungere un commento, quindi non commento...bye

MagodiOz ha detto...